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I Am Far Too Premodern To Be Postmodern

As some of you know, I went through an "Emergent Phase" in 2008, then made a radical break with Emergent in '09. (An e-book version of my blog during this time is coming soon). Recently, I have been flipping through these old posts, wondering what it was that really triggered the break with Emergent? There were many factors which played into it - some of these factors were apparent to me at the time....

Reflections on MacLaren’s "A New Kind of Christian"

The key spokesman and leader of the Emergent Village, Brian MacLaren is one of the primary leaders in what Mark Driscoll calls (in his highly illuminating chapter on the Emergent Movement - see review here) the "Liberal-Emergent" branch of the Emergent Movement. Maclaren is a very prolific author: however, it is in "A New Kind of Christian" that the main core of his theology is laid out: therefore, a close examination of this book provides a clear look into the center of this influential man's theology, and the intellectual DNA of this branch of the movement.

The Myth of “Post” Modernity

The great Modern experiment has failed: from its ashes, a new generation is trying to piece together a new future. They are trying to glue together the fragments of Modernity with a shift from intellect to emotion, and an optimism grounded on nothing more than human arrogance, and the belief - already so many times contradicted and defeated in previous generations - that humanity is evolving, and growing better day by day.