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Tag: Mark Driscoll

Driscoll on Homosexuality

From the first time I saw this, I was blown away both by Driscoll's grasp on Scriptures and his wisdom and tact in sharing it. How does one learn to answer (on the spot!) a thorny question like this in such a profound way? (2 Tim. 3:16-17 - ?)

Francis Chan on Hell

In so many ways, I feel that Chan has hit the nail absolutely on the head. How can Hell be secondary? How can we avoid it? If it is real, we need to make it primary, and live as though people are really going there, unless we do something about it. Hell quite literally "lights a fire" under people - Christian and non alike. If you believe in Hell, passivity and non-evangelism is the worst form of sin!

What if Mark Driscoll is Right?

Here is a sermon-clip (8 min) worth listening to carefully, and re-listening. Don't dismiss him immediately: listen and ponder - what if he is right? How would your world change if Driscoll is right? If you disagree with him, have you done sufficient research to be absolutely sure that he is wrong?

Prophet, Priest & King

Today, while listening/reading Mark Driscoll's "Vintage Jesus" I had a revelation. Many threads from tough questions all wove together into a systematic whole. ...The solution is this: in understanding Christ's role to us, it is not just that "Jesus is Lord," as I had thought in a previous post: rather, Jesus is "prophet, priest and king." Allow me to explain....

A Marriage Pre-Requisite Sermon

You know it…I know it….some women marry losers. Not that they are not valuable in God’s eyes, not that they don’t have potential…but for a variety of reasons, they just […]

The Peter-Pan Syndrom

This is, bar none, the BEST sermon I have ever heard for men – 06 Luke_ The Birth of John the Baptizer (Start at around 33 minutes, to get to the […]