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The Legitimacy of a Prayer-Retreat

It is almost never a waste of time for a leader to get away, get silent, rest, wait and listen carefully before the Lord. Months, years, even decades and whole lifetimes of frustrations, fruitlessness, "Ishmael's" and second-bests could easily have been avoided...

From Doubt to Faith, Part 2

In this post, I am providing the prayer-journal entries which lead up to the post "From Doubt to Faith, Part 1." I would recommend reading that post before reading this one.

Does God Speak To Us Today? (or, on listening prayer)

My own journey with "listening prayer," however, began when I was in my mid-teens. Upon reading a book called, "Help me remember, help me forget," I was exposed to the life of a person who daily lived in a conversation with God. I have sought this ever since and have, in a very small measure, achieved it - although I am continually seeking more. Along the way, I have found many pitfalls, and have found Scriptures exceedingly helpful in finding my way out of these many pits. The purpose of this post is to first prove that the Bible promises an internal voice of the Holy Spirit, and secondly the cautions which it gives along with that.