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Tag: inerrancy

Apologetics 11: The Historical Jesus

Examining the claims made by the DaVinci code, today’s class will dig deep into archaeology, critical methods, and Historical Jesus studies to find the truth about the origins of Christianity. […]

How did Judas Die & Did He Buy a Field?

Podcast version of a subject I did a research paper on. To listen, click below. To read, click  here. If you liked this podcast, don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes […]

On Gay Marriage and Shellfish…

T12642992_1157319237642068_5851652579431485915_nhis article could be titled "the meme so bad it pulled me out of retirement just to respond to it." But it was really the discussions under the meme that got me interested....

How You Lost Your Faith

An explanation of why many Christians today lose their faith, even though (and sometimes because) they went to BIble school.

A Good (Short!) Video on Inerrancy

Here is a good, short video on inerrancy. Especially helpful is his discussion of what inerrancy is NOT. Carson rightly boils the question down to two questions: 1) Does God […]