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Tag: Fundamentalism

Teachers: the line-drawers of Christianity

The teachers are the “line drawers” of Christianity. Line-drawing is a stuffy, boring, black-and-white business: few people liked their systematic theology classes. But like moles in a field, us teachers […]

Truth & Argumentation (5 Short Video Clips)

I have agreed to teach two classes by distance in Nipawin Bible Institute. Here are the five short (around 10 min.) video clips I have produced for that class, concerning the nature of truth, and how to argue effectively.

From Doubt to Faith, Part 1

God cut it out. God healed me. Of this I am certain. But what was it? And how did He do it? I am intensely grateful, but curious. How did […]

Machen: The Morpheus to My Neo?

Because of my childhood experience, I found myself caught between shallow Fundamentalism and unworkable Liberalism. I have been trying to find my way between these two extremes for years now. In Machen, I may have finally found my answer!