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Tag: Brian MacLaren

Looking for Home in a Post-Denominational Context

Through all my church and educational life, people have encouraged me to not just believe what others believe, but to search the Scriptures to find out what I believe on various topics. Now that I have done so, I have no idea where "home" is...

Is the “Emergent Church” Dying?

What is your experience? Do you think the Emergent movement is the "wave of the future" or the "next evolutionary step for Western Christianity," or is it already phasing out?

Review of Rob Bell’s "Velvet Elvis"

The core of Rob Bell's message is this: like a painting of Elvis, the Christian faith is a work of art - a product of human imagination, of human self-expression. However, humans of every generation express themselves very differently. Therefore, it is necessary that every generation re-imagine, or repaint the Christian faith for themselves. He clarifies that, "By this I do not mean cosmetic, superficial changes like better lights and music, sharper graphics, and new methods with easy-to-follow steps. I mean theology: the beliefs about God, Jesus, the Bible, salvation, the future. We must keep reforming the way the Christian faith is defined, lived, and explained." (p. 12) In this book, Rob Bell provides the framework for such a re-invention, then constructs a new version of Christianity and, in the epilogue, provides an impassioned plea for conversion to his faith. IN-DEPTH OVERVIEW "Velvet Elvis" is part systematic theology, part missionary tract. In it, Bell presents a complete, coherent system of theology. Fascinatingly, he proceeds exactly as any theologian would, in laying out their theological works: Jump - the Prolegomenon, or "how I think you should think about theology"

A Song Which Rob Bell Cannot Sing Along To

The lyric "I did not make it, oh it is making me" is completely opposite to what Rob Bell proposes in Velvet Elvis. Rob Bell would have to write "I made it, oh, I am making it..." ....Is this difference inconsequential or essential?