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Category: Liberalism

Machen Quote

I think this quote from the first chapter of Machen’s “Liberalism and Christianity” is so good that I can cut and paste it here without comment. What do you think? […]

Machen: The Morpheus to My Neo?

Because of my childhood experience, I found myself caught between shallow Fundamentalism and unworkable Liberalism. I have been trying to find my way between these two extremes for years now. In Machen, I may have finally found my answer!

Modern-Day Relics

The problem is, of course, that the anti-Christian philosophers die and are forgotten so quickly that it is hard to really get ahold of their works. Those who oppose Scriptures usually do it based on the philosophies of the day - but these philosophies change so quickly, and the truth of Scriptures is so unyeilding, that usually a heresy has a shelf-life of under a century, and a hay-day of only a generation or two at most. The result is that "Biblical scholarship" (that is, Liberal Biblical scholarship) is continually a cutting-edge discipline. It is not cutting-edge because new information is being collected about God's Word - rather, the old philosophies and theologies are dying off at such an alarming rate that new ones must be constructed hurriedly in their place, and a theologian must continually shift their feet, run forwards, invent new pathways before the old ones collapse beneath their weight. listening to Stanford University's "Historical Jesus," I am listening to history in the making! A real-live modern relic! In but a few decades or centuries, such thinking will be so obscure as to be obsolete.

Letter To A Bartian Professor

I originally wrote this letter to one of my “Bartian” (aka followers of Karl Barth) professor in my seminary. I am still hoping that he gets back to me eventually: […]