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Category: Emergent

Emergent Posters

Wow! I just got an E-mail from a friend (Lamar) who sent me the link to this super-awesome web-page, with a whole bunch of posters making fun of/critiquing the (radical) […]

What is the Gospel? A Response to Liberalism and the Emergent Church

Eventually, however, I began to see some flaws in Emergent, and I eventually realized that Emergent was not for me. Since then, I have been on a journey to understand the Emergent church (see posts on Emergent here). Things began to come clear for me when I heard Mark Driscoll divide the Emergent Church into four categories, with the latter category associated with "Liberalism" (more details here). I then began a year-long study to understand Liberalism...

Reflections on MacLaren’s "A New Kind of Christian"

The key spokesman and leader of the Emergent Village, Brian MacLaren is one of the primary leaders in what Mark Driscoll calls (in his highly illuminating chapter on the Emergent Movement - see review here) the "Liberal-Emergent" branch of the Emergent Movement. Maclaren is a very prolific author: however, it is in "A New Kind of Christian" that the main core of his theology is laid out: therefore, a close examination of this book provides a clear look into the center of this influential man's theology, and the intellectual DNA of this branch of the movement.

Reacquainted With a Dear, Old Friend: Mark Buchanan

Mark begins where so many popular books (especially those of an Emergent bent) begin: Mark was frustrated. He felt "stuck." .... So far, Buchanan sounds much like a typical Emergent writer (although he was writing too early to really be a part of that craze). However, unlike so much Emergent mush of today Mark does not point the finger at "the institutional church," at an insufficiently global vision, at traditionalism, or, in short, at any other human failing in others. He goes much deeper, and cuts to the heart of the issue: the problem is a god who is too safe.

Work Hard at Preaching and Teaching

Several weeks ago, God brought a passage of Scriptures alive to bring some clarity and direction to my life. The passage is 1 Timothy 5:17, “The elders who rule well […]

THE Book To Read On Emergent

I am referring to he second-last chapter in Mark Driscoll's recent book "Religion Saves and Nine Other Misconceptions." This book covers nine hot questions which Driscoll faced in his pastoring ministry. For February only, this book is free off of After this time, the content of this book will still be available from Mark Driscoll's podcast. (Look for a grouping of sermons with the same name.) His chapter on the Emergent movement...well, it just seems to say all that can be said about it! You can also watch a seven-minute summary of his thoughts on Emergent on YouTube.