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Category: PostModernity


Truth? It comes down to two questions: 1) Does God have a perspective? 2) Does He make that perspective known to us? Answer no to either, and all truth is relative. Answer yes to both, and absolute truth exists.

Enya or Jesus: “Spiritual” or “Christian”

I know what you think this post is about: you think I am writing an angry post, denouncing Enya and inciting a CD-burning, right? Sorry, no. However, I DO find it interesting to compare Enya's words with those of Christ. Which is more true...?

The Serpent’s Song

When Satan comes to "deceive, if possible, even the elect," (Mat. 24:24) what words does he say? Whether in Liberalism or in Humanism or in the Emergent Church, or all the way back in Eden - the basic promise and the basic lie is still the same.

Foundationalism is not “Modern”

Does anyone seriously wish to make the claim that foundationalism (1) built upon propositional (2) truth was invented only in the last two centuries? Are these not constitutive of normal human mental ability and function?