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Category: Modernity


Truth? It comes down to two questions: 1) Does God have a perspective? 2) Does He make that perspective known to us? Answer no to either, and all truth is relative. Answer yes to both, and absolute truth exists.

The Serpent’s Song

When Satan comes to "deceive, if possible, even the elect," (Mat. 24:24) what words does he say? Whether in Liberalism or in Humanism or in the Emergent Church, or all the way back in Eden - the basic promise and the basic lie is still the same.

Foundationalism is not “Modern”

Does anyone seriously wish to make the claim that foundationalism (1) built upon propositional (2) truth was invented only in the last two centuries? Are these not constitutive of normal human mental ability and function?

What Comes First – Doctrine or Life? (A response to "Beyond Foundationalism" and "Velvet Elvis")

In Grenze and Franke's book "Beyond Foundationalism," they argue that the concept of finding truth in Scriptures, then building one truth after another upon these Scriptures is outdated, "too modern," and too divisive. They prefer to see theologians as servants of the church - following after her. As she experiences God, the theologians write theology to express this experience. This is basically the same perspective which was presented by Classic Liberalism, which was fond of saying "beware of doctrine!" and urging people to put their experiences, not their ideas of God, as foremost in their spiritual lives. Most recently, Rob Bell has said that the idea that Scriptures can actually speak for themselves,

What is the Gospel? A Response to Liberalism and the Emergent Church

Eventually, however, I began to see some flaws in Emergent, and I eventually realized that Emergent was not for me. Since then, I have been on a journey to understand the Emergent church (see posts on Emergent here). Things began to come clear for me when I heard Mark Driscoll divide the Emergent Church into four categories, with the latter category associated with "Liberalism" (more details here). I then began a year-long study to understand Liberalism...