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Category: WhatIsTheGospel?

Augustine & Me

The incredible impact that St. Augustine had on me, at three critical junctures of my life.

Enya or Jesus: “Spiritual” or “Christian”

I know what you think this post is about: you think I am writing an angry post, denouncing Enya and inciting a CD-burning, right? Sorry, no. However, I DO find it interesting to compare Enya's words with those of Christ. Which is more true...?

The Purpose of Christian Education is…Love!

As I complete my MA in theology, I am left wondering “what is the point of it all? What is Christian teaching supposed to accomplish?” 1 Timothy 1:5 gives the answer: when done right, Christian teaching produces genuine, solid, loving, caring people. This is the “goal of our instruction.” I hope you enjoy this video, where I explore this theme.