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Category: homosexuality

Driscoll on Homosexuality

From the first time I saw this, I was blown away both by Driscoll's grasp on Scriptures and his wisdom and tact in sharing it. How does one learn to answer (on the spot!) a thorny question like this in such a profound way? (2 Tim. 3:16-17 - ?)

The Campolos on Homosexuality

When I saw the Campolos' audio available on this topic, I was instantly interested. It was Tony Campolo who has influenced my beliefs on this topic several years ago. In one of the first "emergent" books which I read (entitled, "Letters to a Young Evangelical"), Tony spends a lot of time encouraging the next generation to not get on the political band-wagon of their parents. Older Evangelicals, he complains, are concerned about nothing other than abortion and homosexuality. Are they unaware that there is more to Christianity than this? In this book, I thought Tony provided a good and probably needed counter-point to the over-emphasis on these topics, and especially how they are pursued in politics. However, the application which I took away from this book was, "Homosexuality and abortion are not important. Don't think about them or focus on them at all." Was this what he was saying? No. Was this his intended result? I don't know. However, this is the impact it had on me. (Note: the post "My Stand On Abortion" represents my pendulum-swing back, away from Campolo's influence on abortion).