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Category: Parenting

Does Love Still Exist in the World?

For a French assignment, I was given the project of answering the question, "Does love still exist in the world?" Here is my English version of my response.

Hate This Child

Hate this child, my sister said: He’s painful, scary, selfish and he wets the bed. Hate this child, all my brothers say: He’s loud and he’s expensive and he’s in […]

Finding the Humour in Rage

It is in His mercy that God laughs at our rage. He is merciful not to bend His good will to every loud demand of our angry tempers. Imagine what this world would be like if - like an out-of-control playground - God allowed the loudest and angriest children to rule the day! He is merciful too not to judge us instantly, but to allow us to go our way for a season, to rage and fume and simmer in the heat of our indignation. And He is merciful too to laugh at us.

Driscoll on Parenting Daughters

I thought that Mark Driscoll’s sermon “I Was A Wall” was a very excellent sermon on parenting in general, and parenting daughters in particular. For more on his view of […]