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Truth & Argumentation (5 Short Video Clips)

I have agreed to teach two classes by distance in Nipawin Bible Institute. Here are the five short (around 10 min.) video clips I have produced for that class, concerning the nature of truth, and how to argue effectively.

The Utterances of the Apostles

As I will discuss in a future post, the Christian world seems to press a mold of meek and passive, gentle communication on us modern pastors. We are not to […]

From Doubt to Faith, Part 1

God cut it out. God healed me. Of this I am certain. But what was it? And how did He do it? I am intensely grateful, but curious. How did […]

Apologetics: The Traitor's Art

The task of an apologist is to preach the gospel in a way that makes sense to a particular culture. ....They must work to understand the culture well enough to build a bridge from there to the gospel: it is here, however, that the problem occurs. Some become so consumed with the intricacies of building the bridge on the side of culture that they never make the leap, and start building towards Christ. The result is a church founded on culture, which holds itself up in opposition to Christ. This act is the great act of treason which apologists have made time and again in history!