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Category: My Journey

About this Blog

This was originally published as the "about page" on my blog. For my current direction, see the current about me page.

How I Learn

The hardened steel of belief is rarely forged on the sunny slopes of rote memory, recital and pleasant conversation. Rather, it is the midnight forge of doubt, the rattle and smash of controversy and the grinding wheels of dissenting opinion which forge the keenest edge of conviction.

I Am Far Too Premodern To Be Postmodern

As some of you know, I went through an "Emergent Phase" in 2008, then made a radical break with Emergent in '09. (An e-book version of my blog during this time is coming soon). Recently, I have been flipping through these old posts, wondering what it was that really triggered the break with Emergent? There were many factors which played into it - some of these factors were apparent to me at the time....