A Letter to Bruxy Cavey on Pacifism

You have almost convinced me, Bruxy, and I am especially compelled by your description of pacifism as running towards conflict, in an attempt to resolve it, rather than ‘passively’ standing apart from it. That being said, however, I have some very significant obstacle in my thinking. Although I am back and forth on this, I think I will play the devil’s advocate in this letter, to present to you the arguments for which I simply cannot seem to find an easy answer.

2. Holiness Gone Wrong: Identity

This is a gutsy and very personal sermon in which I lay out one of the major, deep heart issues which make us act like Pharisees, even when we are trying to serve God.

1. Holiness Gone Wrong: The Pharisees

Continuing in my series on "Holiness Gone Wrong," this sermon examines the question of what a Pharisee truly is, and why Jesus warned His church so strongly against them.

Pestering my Barthian Teacher

This e-mail is OLD: however, it represents my first interest in Barth, and a request for a class exclusively on Karl Barth, which (perhaps because of my pestering) finally came […]

2. Peace With God (Romans 5:1, Ecclesiastes)

This easter, we celebrate having "peace with God," (Romans 5:1) But why should we care? Isn't God already at peace with us? An examination of Ecclesiastes, and the human condition, and what Jesus truly saves us from.