Remembrance Day Post

“Remeber us!” they tell us, And we too quick agree. We honor them November In brief solemnity. Then haste to fight our own wars For politics and fame. Remembering them […]

Pacifism Part 2: Pro-Pacifism

You describe the Christians on earth as a ‘tumor,’ as defined by, ‘an exclusive bubble of people who: Are willing to receive many of the benefits of society, But are unwilling to pay back into society or fully integrate into it, on this important issue.’ Your metaphor is extremely helpful first by clearly indicating the bias in your thinking, and second in pointing out a fundamental aspect of the Christian community. First, let us talk about your bias.

A Letter to Bruxy Cavey on Pacifism

You have almost convinced me, Bruxy, and I am especially compelled by your description of pacifism as running towards conflict, in an attempt to resolve it, rather than ‘passively’ standing apart from it. That being said, however, I have some very significant obstacle in my thinking. Although I am back and forth on this, I think I will play the devil’s advocate in this letter, to present to you the arguments for which I simply cannot seem to find an easy answer.

2. Holiness Gone Wrong: Identity

This is a gutsy and very personal sermon in which I lay out one of the major, deep heart issues which make us act like Pharisees, even when we are trying to serve God.