Whose Thoughts Are In My Head?

Of late, I have had the slinky, uneasy feeling that my dramatic theology-swings are making it hard for people to take me seriously. The problem is worse still: reading backwards […]

Frustration at Christian Academia

There is something profoundly “stupid” about how Christians educate their pastors and teachers these days. I am training to be a pastor and professor of the Bible. Why am I […]

Questions for My Barthian Teacher

Below is an e-mail which I wrote to Dave Guretzki. Rather than taking up my (rather impractical and imposing) invitation to conversation, Dave informed me that he would be offering […]

A Wise Shepherd of a Wandering Mind

I have often thought of the role of teacher as something of a shepherding role. One does not “teach” by simply dumping rote information into another’s cranium like so much […]

Seas of Confusion

The sea was gray and foreboding under a steely sky. The wind – cool and treacherous – whipped up white-caps in the distance and made the laundry snap sharply on […]