A Marriage Pre-Requisite Sermon

You know it…I know it….some women marry losers. Not that they are not valuable in God’s eyes, not that they don’t have potential…but for a variety of reasons, they just […]

THE Book To Read On Emergent

I am referring to he second-last chapter in Mark Driscoll's recent book "Religion Saves and Nine Other Misconceptions." This book covers nine hot questions which Driscoll faced in his pastoring ministry. For February only, this book is free off of christianaudio.com. After this time, the content of this book will still be available from Mark Driscoll's podcast. (Look for a grouping of sermons with the same name.) His chapter on the Emergent movement...well, it just seems to say all that can be said about it! You can also watch a seven-minute summary of his thoughts on Emergent on YouTube.

Seven Years in Arabia (About the Author)

One of the consistently frustrating aspects of authoring this blog has been writing the “About the Author” section, and finding a suitable name or subtitle for the blog. My problem […]

Letter To A Bartian Professor

I originally wrote this letter to one of my “Bartian” (aka followers of Karl Barth) professor in my seminary. I am still hoping that he gets back to me eventually: […]

Apologetics: The Traitor's Art

The task of an apologist is to preach the gospel in a way that makes sense to a particular culture. ....They must work to understand the culture well enough to build a bridge from there to the gospel: it is here, however, that the problem occurs. Some become so consumed with the intricacies of building the bridge on the side of culture that they never make the leap, and start building towards Christ. The result is a church founded on culture, which holds itself up in opposition to Christ. This act is the great act of treason which apologists have made time and again in history!