A Wise Shepherd of a Wandering Mind

I have often thought of the role of teacher as something of a shepherding role. One does not « teach » by simply dumping rote information into another’s cranium like so much […]

Seas of Confusion

The sea was gray and foreboding under a steely sky. The wind – cool and treacherous – whipped up white-caps in the distance and made the laundry snap sharply on […]

Relieving the Cranial Constipation

I am feeling a lot of « discomfort » in my head recently, and it is time I had some relief! The last two months have been extremely important for me, as I […]

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

In preparing for this first sermon, I found and listened to the classic on the subject, the sermon by Johnathan Edwards, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." (Read text, or listen to a very well done audio version). This historic sermon (it dates back to "The Great Awekening" of 1730-55) presents a thoroughly accurate, vivid and compelling presentation of the Bible's teaching on the wrath of God, and hell.

Leadership and Submission in the Home

This post originally gathered a massive amount of dialog and controversy, as the comments under the post suggests. Many good and kind people from the equalitycentral.com were so kind as to follow my […]