La croissance

Ça prend du temps de devenir adulte; or, on a la tendance de penser que vieillir veut dire maturer. Mais ils ne sont pas pareils! «Grandir» est toujours un choix... [cliquez pour lire la suite]

How to Forgive from the Heart

Just about everyone agrees that we should forgive. But how can one truly forgive? And how can one forgive from the heart? That was the topic of my recent sermon, “Forgiveness.” Watch or listen below, […]

Facebook Sanity

Facebook/social media is a great servant...but can be a terrible master! Here are some thoughts I recently recorded for my podcast, on keeping social media within some healthy limits.

The Leadership Principles of Jesus

We know Jesus as many things: Son of God, Saviour, teacher, healer, religious leader. But have you stopped to consider Jesus as a leader? Join me as I explore the three […]