On Gay Marriage and Shellfish…

T12642992_1157319237642068_5851652579431485915_nhis article could be titled "the meme so bad it pulled me out of retirement just to respond to it." But it was really the discussions under the meme that got me interested....

Francis Chan on Hell

In so many ways, I feel that Chan has hit the nail absolutely on the head. How can Hell be secondary? How can we avoid it? If it is real, we need to make it primary, and live as though people are really going there, unless we do something about it. Hell quite literally "lights a fire" under people - Christian and non alike. If you believe in Hell, passivity and non-evangelism is the worst form of sin!

A Discussion on Justice, Hell and the Moral Uprightness of God

Jeremy: Okay, Henry. Some of what you are saying is starting to make sense. There is just this one thing that I don't get. This judgment thing. I mean, who does God think He is to judge me? And why should I care that He doesn't approve of what I do? And now you're telling me that if I don't listen to Him, He's going to send me to Hell for all of eternity? How is that loving? This doesn't really make sense to me. Henry: When you think of God, what do you think of? Can you describe him to me?

What Do Homosexuality, Women in the Church & Home, Fornication, Divorce & Remarriage, Emergent & Hell All Have In Common?

There are some things in life which are not important until they are essential. One of these things is insurance. Another is a parachute. Another is a life raft. In ministry, one of these things is knowing where you stand on a hot-button topic. I am convinced that the time to form an opinion is NOT half-way through a ministry posting, when a hot-button topic suddenly surfaces and threatens to wound hearts, destroy relationships, squelch spiritual life and tear the ministry asunder. This is absolutely not the time to be caught flat-footed, with no research and completely oblivious to the nuances and complexities on a certain topic. When you formulate an opinion before entering a ministry posting, one has leisure to study it fully and come to one's beliefs in an honest and unbiased manner. In the heat of the moment, however, one has neither leisure nor objectivity. Most importantly, the decision becomes a deeply personal event: now you are not just making up your mind, but potentially condemning the actions of vulnerable, hurting peoples. This is the stuff of church-splits and scandal.