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A Meditation on Liturgies

In 2015, my family and I began attending an evangelical Anglican church. Anglican churches are what is called “liturgical” in their format, which means that rather than their services being more informal and spontaneous (like the services I grew up with) they have readings and portions of the service that everyone recites Scriptures or certain prayers together.

This journey with liturgies has been one more step in my spiritual development, as I seek to get to know Jesus better. Specifically, I have begun to challenge the assumptions that…

  1. Extemporaneous* prayers are better than liturgical or Biblical prayers
  2. Repeated prayers are always insincere
  3. Quantity is always better than quality
  4. Every good Christian reads through the Bible in a year

Join me as we discuss these assumptions, and the difference that liturgy and meditation have made on my personal walk with God.


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