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Missions: the Passion, the Pain & the Progress

I was recently invited to speak about our ministry experience at a missions conference in Maine. The organizing pastor (a friend of ours) asked me to “tell the real story” of what it is like to be a missionary, rather than the “glory story” that missionaries often feel compelled to tell.

My story begins with a call to missions at 8 years old, through Bible school, then through a season in my home church/home town, before moving to Quebec to learn French, then to Africa to teach, then (due to health reasons) being forced back to Canada, and launching into a new ministry. Our journey has included sickness, burnout, extreme stress, kidnappings, mortal danger, and fatigue. However, it has also been a tremendously rewarding journey which has given us — and our children — a global experience, a heart for the World, experiences we wouldn’t exchange with anyone, and a newfound compassion for others who are suffering and struggling as we have.

If you have up to this point only been following my podcast/blog for its intellectual content, this podcast may be interesting for you. Here is the story behind the ideas that I share.

I hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to post your comments below!

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