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Who is Jordan Peterson?

His name seems to be popping up everywhere in my newsfeed: debates with William Lane Craig, interviews with Unbelievable, a new PragerU video…and then there are all of the people talking about what he is saying!

A few weeks ago I sat down to record some preliminary thoughts I had about this controversial but highly interesting person.

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In this podcast, I am responding to three sources: the debate between him, William Lane Craig and Dr. Barbara Goldstein (see below)…

…and also William Lane Craig and cohost Christopher Harris’ discussion/debrief of the debate afterwards. (See here)

However, the “spark” that bumped me over the edge to recording this podcast was the brilliant interview he did (see below) with a very hostile interviewer for channel 4 news in the UK. If you only have time to listen to one resource, listen to this one! It is worth every minute, and will give a good idea of what I thought Peterson was worthy of an entire podcast.

Are you a fan of Peterson? Or something of the opposite? I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, favourite (or least favourite) videos and resources in the comments below! Thanks!

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