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Science and the Bible

This past Sunday I had the immense privilege of teaching on the topic of “Science and the Bible.” This is a topic that I always really enjoy!

Click here to download my sermon handout. You can also scroll down to read my sermon notes, or click below to listen or watch.

Because our church has two services, I preached this sermon twice. At the second service, I streamed it via Facebook live, and have had an overwhelming response of over 200 views in less than 24 hours! Unfortunately, Facebook seems to have removed the feature by which I can download Facebook live videos. However, if you want to listen to this version of the sermon (which is a little longer, and a bit more personal/engaging) you can do so below.


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(note to the reader: I originally wrote these notes in French, and hastily ran them through “Google Translate” before preaching. And so some of the phrases and words are a little clumsy and poorly translated. It is meant to be an aid to the sermon, not a polished work in itself. For further reading, please see the books I recommended, especially A Case for the Creator, by Lee Strobel and On Guard by William Lane Craig.)


Objection 1: “The God of the Gaps”

Are all the “proofs” for God just another copy of the error of “God in the void”? (The God of the Gaps)

the supposed mistake of “God in the void” is the idea that when one is confronted by a scientific mystery, sometimes instead of doing scientific research, one is tempted to say simply, “it is God who did it! ”

This answer is supposed to be lazy

This answer is supposed to prevent science

When we find a scientific answer for this phenomenon, God becomes obsolete

By we could say …

Historically, Christianity did not prevent science, but gave birth to it!

More importantly, in the scientific debate, we always ask, what is the best explanation for these facts?

The two options before us today is God or matter and luck

Our thesis is that God is a better explanation of our universe than chance

Proof 1 – The Big Bang (creation ex nihilo)

The Big Bang says everything started 13.83 billion years ago

Including in “all” is the materials, the energy, the space, and the time

One must, then, asked the question, “What can produce everything, nothing? ”

Atheists say “another kind of space and energy, in another time, created our own”

But we have no access to this

But it is hard to see how this matter could be eternal and yet creative

But we say it’s God who created it

Proof 2 – The Big Bang (finely tuned creation)

Recently, scientists (Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time, Theory of Everything, etc.) have recently discovered that there is a huge precision in the initial conditions of the universe

Atheists say “maybe there are millions of universes, and we’re just lucky to be in a good one. ”

We have no evidence for these universes

We do not know where these universes come from

It’s very difficult (scientifically) to understand how these universes may create eternally

Christians will say, quite simply, that it did well with the theory that it is God the creator

Objection 2: “The Anthropic Principle”

“If we weren’t in a life-permitting universe, we wouldn’t be here to observe it!”

…but still need an explanation!

E.g. Firing squad

E.g. In a spaceship

Segue: as we will see, our planet is far more complex, and far more improbable than any alien spaceship you could imagine!

Proof 3: Golden conditions for a land that allows life

There are between 15 and 80 conditions that allow life to continue on the earth, which …

The stability of our galaxy, and of our universe

Our location in our galaxy

The size and stability of our star (the sun)

The proximity of the Earth to our sun, allowing liquid water

The amount of water on earth.

The size and composition of the Earth as a rocky planet

Stability of the atmosphere and the chemical composition of the Earth, and the ozone layer

The magnetosphere

The moon 

The ozone layer.

Jupiter as a solar “vacuum cleaner” for comets 

Atheists will say, again, that we were just lucky! But again — a better explanation is intelligent design.

Proof 4: The origin of life

Before evolution begins, we need an explanation of the beginning of life … that means, the precise moment in which some grains of sand and water have become, “by chance” a to be alive, able to:

Capable of taking food

Able to absorb energy

Able to grow

Capable of adapting

Able to reproduce

Even after hundreds of years, humans are not able to recreate life … or, perhaps (imitating what they saw in nature) they just created it.

Atheists will say that what is possible for intelligent humans to do, happened there by chance

We’ll say it’s more likely that a smart being created it

Illustration: imagine a bacteria, which has been killed, in water…

Proof 5: The irreducible complexity

According to Michael Behe, Darwin’s Black Box, (see also Lee Strobel, The Case for a Creator), Darwin did not understand the full complexity of cells

“Simple organisms” are in fact extremely complex

Many of their functions are “irreducibly complex”

It means that it can not be simpler than it is, without stopping

What an eye

the “tail” of a bacterium

Atheists will say that what is possible for intelligent humans to do, happened there by chance

We’ll say it’s more likely that a smart being created it

Proof 6: the diversity of life (in a short time!)

According to scientists, the Earth has 4.5 billion years, and life began 3.8 billion years ago

For the uninitiated, it’s a lot of time!

But for biologists, who understand the complexity of biological life, a big question is how all the species of our plant has occurred in such a short time!

Archeology does not help atheists at this point, because it says that before the “Cambrian Explosion” (0.5 billion years ago) there wasn’t much (worms, bacteria, etc.) but during this relatively short period (20-25 million years) most of the animals’ fila have appeared “suddenly” in the layers of rocks, all formed. According to archaeologists, it’s like there was a new species a year, for centuries and centuries!

We do not see this kind of evolution

Atheists will say that there were unknown factors that have driven a rapid evolution: but the idea that life comes from elsewhere, and that it has been “sown” here – either by strangers, or by a metorite – is a theory of several

Evidence 7: Complex RNA of chance mutations

This theory seems to be odd, when you keep the enormous complexity of RNA constant: it’s like thinking that Microsoft software has developed by chance!

All the problems of irreducible complexity also apply in the RNA

Mutations in RNA are normally fatal or not beneficial to the animal

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