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Now Booking in 2018/19!

Would you like me to speak in your church in 2018/19

* Does Science disprove God?

* Is there historical evidence that Jesus of Nazareth existed?

* Can we trust the New Testament?

* If Jesus called Himself the ‘Son of Man,’ why do we call Him the Son of God?

Do questions like these haunt your youth group, church, or Bible school? Are you looking for a low-budget option for a conference or guest-sermon to bring light to some of these issues?

Please click here to contact Josiah Meyer if you would be interested in having him come to your church.

Josiah is willing to speak for free! However, we ask for the church to pay for travel and accommodations,  and to allow Josiah to set up a display table, and take time to talk about his ministry in Quebec.

See below for a complete list of subjects I would be available to speak on.


Josiah Meyer is a Missionary and Campus Pastor with SIM Canada. Josiah is the author of the No Longer be Children blog, podcast, and YouTube channel. He has an M.A. in Theology from Briercrest Seminary, and has taught church history and theology on two continents, in French and English. He was a contributor to the Great Events in Religion Encyclopedia




Invite with confidence! I have written or spoken on all of these subjects before! You can preview my content, to verify that the quality and theological content is in keeping with your church’s standards!


Apologetics 1: What, Why, How? (On the methodology, and types, of apologetics)

Apologetics 2: What is a Worldview? (And a survey of Western Thought)

Apologetics 3: How Dark Were the “Dark Ages”? (Confronting myths surrounding the Crusades, Galileo, and the Scientific Revolution)

Apologetics 4: The Moral Argument (How the Existence of Good & Evil Proves God’s Existence)

Apologetics 5: The Problem of Pain & Evil (How could a good God allow suffering?)

Apologetics 6: The Kaalam Cosmological Argument (How the “Big Bang” Proves God exists)

Apologetics 7: The Teleological Argument (How the Universe is “Finely Tuned” to support life)

Apologetics 8: The Great Creationist Debate (The four Evangelical positions on the age of the earth)

Apologetics 9: Old Testament Difficulties (Dealing with violence, and “weird laws” in the Old Testament)

Apologetics 10: Is the New Testament Reliable? (What does “Inerrancy” mean, and how was the New Testament was written, selected, preserved and transmitted to us?)

Apologetics 11: The Historical Jesus (What do Historians know about Jesus? Is the Da Vinci code true? What are the Gnostic Gospels, and do they shed additional light on Jesus?)


What is Christian Liberalism? 

If Jesus called Himself the ‘Son of Man’, why do we call Him the ‘Son of God’? 

Does God always want me to be Healthy & Happy? 

The Servant-Leadership Style of Jesus

Calvinism, Arminianism, Dispensationalism, and Middle Knowledge 

Why did Jesus Have to Die?: An Introduction to the Contemporary Atonement Debates

What does it mean that we are ‘Made in the Image of God’?

What is the “Fear of the Lord,” and how can we love a God that we fear?

Christian Life & Other:

Winning the Battle Against Pornography

Dealing with Disappointment with God

Sabbath: Entering into the Rest of God

Missionaries & Money: Is it okay to receive money in ministry?

Who were the Pharisees? On legalism and hypocrisy in the Church

Kidnapped in Africa: What I learned about Jesus, as our Advocate

Bible-College Courses (available as weekend conferences)

Church History: Tell me the Story of the Early Church

Church History: Reformation and Onwards

Issues in Missions

Old Testament Survey

The Silent Years


for more topics, see Josiah’s sermons podcast, theology podcast, and YouTube channel

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