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Transcription Needs

Hello, all!

I have a strange request to make. As you know, I used to be quite a prolific blogger. But life got busy, and now I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find time to type. Instead, I have started recording and publishing my sermons, and also doing a podcast.

While in Africa, one of my African brothers transcribed the sermon, « If Jesus calls himself the Son of Man, why do we call Him the Son of God. » This transcription has been such a blessing to me! Because I had it in written form, I was able to refine it, then translate it, and finally to preach it in numerous churches! It has been a blessing to many, and is currently the most popular sermon on my podcast.

I would like to do the same with many of my resources. Some of the sermons I could re-preach and improve, and/or make into one or several blog posts. Some of the podcast series I want to turn into classes or eventually into books. In short, it would just be really really helpful to me to have some transcription help!

Of course, I could hire transcribers: but the cost is high enough, and the volume of work I need transcribed is steep enough that I just can’t afford it at this point.

I put out a call for help on Facebook and right away had some interest.

This post is a list (with links) to the resources I need transcribed. They are in approximate order (most important to least important). However, at this point nothing is transcribed, so if there’s something not on this list you want to transcribe: go for it!

If you start working on something, let me know and I will indicate it as (in progress) so that nobody does the same work twice.

If anybody is proficient with Dragon-Naturally-Speaking, or Siri, that could be a great help too!

No idea if this will work: but thank you all so much in advance for helping me!


1st Priority

[ ] Is it ok to get paid for ministry?

[ ] Like the Apostles: A survey of Ministry Methods 

[ ] The Fear of God: A sermon on taking God seriously

2nd Priority

[ ] Jesus on Marriage & Divorce

[ ] Lust & Mental Purity

[ ] Sabbath: Entering the rest of God 

[ ] The podcast series (4 episodes) « Missionaries n Money »

[ ] My entire apologetics class

3rd Priority

[ ] The Podcast Series (5 podcasts) on Inerrancy 

[ ] The Podcast Series (4 podcasts) on Liberalism


[ ] L’image de Dieu en l’homme

[ ] Le code de Da Vinci

[ ] Mon témoignage 


Legal Stuff: I think it is important to be clear about copyright/ownership issues. Agreeing to transcribe is agreeing to do the work as « work for hire » (except that there is no pay: it is a gift). That is to say, the content is still entirely mine to publish/rework as I wish. If anyone would like to co-write a project with me, that is something I could consider: but that is not what is being discussed here. Any editing or reworking of the content while transcribing doesn’t change the ownership of the content. 

As a courtesy to you, I will normally put « transcribed by » somewhere on any document that you transcribe, if it is appropriate.

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