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Apologetics 101: An Overview of Contemporary Christian Apologetics

In 2016, I presented a class which gave an overview of the major arguments for and against the Christian faith. These classes were recorded in audio and video format, and are available free of charge on this blog. To access the materials, you can subscribe to my (audio) podcast, or subscribe to my (video) youtube channel. You can also click on the links below to access individual classes.

In addition, you can download the syllabus and class notes here.

The courses are as follows:

Apologetics: a 5-minute teaser

Apologetics 1: What, Why, How? (On the methodology, and types, of apologetics)

Apologetics 2: What is a Worldview? (And a survey of Western Thought)

Apologetics 3: How Dark Were the “Dark Ages”? (Confronting myths surrounding the Crusades, Galileo, and the Scientific Revolution)

Apologetics 4: The Moral Argument (How the Existence of Good & Evil Proves God’s Existence)

Apologetics 5: The Problem of Pain & Evil (How could a good God allow suffering?)

Apologetics 6: The Kaalam Cosmological Argument (How the “Big Bang” Proves God exists)

Apologetics 7: The Teleological Argument (How the Universe is “Finely Tuned” to support life)

Apologetics 8: The Great Creationist Debate (The four Evangelical positions on the age of the earth)

Apologetics 9: Old Testament Difficulties (Dealing with violence, and “weird laws” in the Old Testament)

Apologetics 10: Is the New Testament Reliable? (What does “Inerrancy” mean, and how was the New Testament was written, selected, preserved and transmitted to us?)

Apologetics 11: The Historical Jesus (What do Historians know about Jesus? Is the Da Vinci code true? What are the Gnostic Gospels, and do they shed additional light on Jesus?)

I am planning to teach this course again in 2018, at which point both the content and the media will be upgraded.

This work is copyrighted to myself, Josiah Meyer. So long as it is not modified, I give anyone permission to use it as part of a church service, or Bible-study. I do not give permission for this content to be used as a class, to which students are charged tuition. 

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