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Meme: Was God unjust in punishing sin He created?

Someone posted this meme to an apologetics group I follow. I am unable to respond to it there for some reason (I’ll never understand Facebook) and so I thought I’d respond to it on my own wall. This is a great illustration of how simply understanding theology goes a long way towards answering people’s questions!


1. Man & Woman were not created with original sin. They were created good, in the image of God. They had the capacity to sin because they were free-will creatures (otherwise, how could they truly learn to love?)
2. The wags of sin is death (Rom. 3:23) therefore, the Flood and all other judgments of God are morally justifiable.
3. The terminology is misleading: God did not “impregnate” Mary (through sexual intercourse), but caused her to give birth in a miraculous way.
4. The Trinity is three persons in one being. Therefore, the confusion of “myself to myself” here simply demonstrates a misunderstanding of Christian doctrine. There is no contradiction in Jesus, for example, praying to the Father.
5. God did not give humans sin in the first place. As has been said, part of creating the incredible, free creature that is “human” involves the possibility of sin. When humanity sinned, God paid the ultimate price to free us from that sin.

Happy Easter, everybody!

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