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Apologetics 6: The « Big Bang » As Evidence for God

William Lane Craig’s famous « Kalam Cosmological Argument » shows how the Big Bang provides powerful evidence for the existence of God!

This course was taught live at Wellspring School of Discipleship, at the Quebec House of Prayer (QHOP), October 28, 2016.

Click here to download the syllabus.

Click below to listen to today’s lecture.

You may also watch the live-stream below. (A better quality video is coming soon!)

Next week we will discuss the fine tuning of the Big Bang, and also all of the amazing complexity necessary to support life on earth.


In two weeks, we will look at the Scriptural issues surrounding the contentious « Young Earth » (YEC) and « Old Earth » (OEC) Creationist debate. Stay tuned!


Click here to listen to the Q n A session following the class, as well as some after-class discussions with students.

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