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Apologetics 4: The Moral Argument

Combining the best of C.S. Lewis and William Lane Craig, this class looks at one of the major classical arguments for God.

This course was taught live at Wellspring School of Discipleship, at the Quebec House of Prayer (QHOP), September 22, 2016. For a limited time, you may take this course by correspondence for credit for a fee of $100.

Click here to download the syllabus.

Click here to download the the illustrated notes for today’s lecture.

Click below to listen to today’s lecture.

You may also watch the live-stream below. (A better quality video is coming soon!)

Right towards the end of the class someone brought up Social Darwinism. Although not the point of the class, this is an important subject, as it touches on abortion and eugenics today. Here is a good resource on that subject.

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