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Inerrancy 5: Chicago Statement – updates…?

Could we update the Chicago Statement…?


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  1. Even though I am not a theologian,The Bible always has been a fascinating book,i often did not understand and that irked me to go and search.When I surremndered my mistaken idea that I was selfsufficient and said « Yes » to God’s offer of His Grace all things became different.My deep longing o get to know God better grew and grew.And I pleaded to be given wisdom and more and more teaching of he Holy Spirit.So the questions remain but I found or He found me the best teacher there is ,The Holy Spirit.I do now understand the whole question about inerrancy more.We humans are the work of God’s hand and therefore He has avital interest in our whole aspect of living on this earth.He is totally ivolved in the going on struggle against the power of Satan,evil,darkness.To understand the laws give on Mount Sinai…They becinwith the law to LOVE God (agape),And that is the basis for « wisdom » alias understanding !!
    So nowon to t
    he laws about all aspects of life.They were given as « fences » in a totally evil society of humans.To guardIsrael and build up a societyin a healthy way with an un broken relationship to God.THE Source of Life! Preparing for the Son of God to take on humanflesh and be the Saviour,Victorious over death.As promised to Eve and Adam after their disobedience.And so the path of understanding God and increasing in deep worship continues for me until I see Gods glory and worship Jesus,Father,Son andSpirit..
    For me anunforgettable and wonderful traveling road !! Suzanna

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