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House says, “You cannot go back into the closet.”

So here’s me stirring the pot. We enjoy watching House because, among other things, they hit hot-button issues in culture, and present a strong case for their point of view. Interesting. So last night we watched an episode (season 6, episode 20, written by David Shore, titled “The Choice”) about a gay man who decided that he was “revolted” by his lifestyle. He took some hormone therapy, (an option called “barbaric” by the medical team…one wonders whether they would also be agains sex-change treatments for homosexuals…?) then began living a “straight” life. All this is fine and dandy. But what I found fascinating is that when a medical condition “outed” him, (on his wedding day, no less) the doctors and his fiancé all met his decision to “go straight” with absolute, inflexible unacceptance. “You’re just born this way, you cannot change.” Said House (in as many words.) “But we all make choices! I have made mine!” He pleaded to his fiancé. “And now you must let me make mine” she says, and walks out of his life.

Perhaps the discongruity is not apparent to some. But just imagine this episode in reverse: someone comes out as gay, and the show portrays doctors and family saying, “That’s impossible. You were born straight. You have no choice. We refuse to allow you to be gay.” Of course, such an episode would cause a fire-storm. You cannot SAY things like that on TV! So…why is it okay to send the message that if you have committed even one homosexual act (in this case, the man had one homosexual encounter, when very drunk) then you have no choice: you are gay, you were born gay, you can never change, you can never marry a straight woman, etc. Even if the lifestyle “revolts” you (words used on the show), you must continue in it, notwithstanding. What every happened to free-will? What about acceptance? Doesn’t this man have the right to choose how he prefers to live out his sexuality?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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  1. This is why I do not watch TV. I only use it to stream movies and watch YouTube. This is cultural poison being fed to us by social engineers who want to promote licentiousness that will destroy the traditional family; which is the seed of civilization.

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