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My (First) Free E-Book: “A Faith in Dialogue: My Flirtation with the Emergent Church”

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After three years on the top shelf, I have decided to bring an early, raw and somewhat controversial section of my blog to light. I wrote these posts in 2008-9 when a difficult ministry experience, combined with my studies in postmodern theory in seminary, propelled me into what has come to be known as “the Emergent Movement.”

For me, this year was an intense time of soul-searching, characterized by a feeling of betrayal and anger towards the church, a desire to question everything, and a quest to seek a fully authentic form of Christianity for today.

I do not regret one word that I wrote, because that painful journey brought me to be able to write From “Cool Young Emergent Intellectual” to “Old-fashioned, Boring Old Conservative”. A post which has charted the course which my life and studies are still on today.

If I could summarize this book, I would say:

1) I was asking all the right questions, but didn’t have any answers

2) I was angry. My anger flowed out of hurt. When I found healing, one can notice a distinct shift in the attitude of my writing.

3) I was able to see, and critique, problems in the Church in this phase with accuracy, perspective and bluntness that I no longer possess (this was not always a good thing)

4) Nobody can understand my blog – especially 2010-12 – without this book. The 200 or so posts written in that time were all written to answer the questions I raised here

This book isn’t for everybody. The writing is inferior to recent posts, the questions may be unsettling, and some subjects boring.

But if you’re:

1) Frustrated with the church, and looking for a book which walks a path through to the other side of frustration, to appreciation,

2) Grappling with postmodernity, emergent, and post-Evangelical America

3) Interested by my intellectual journey

4) Troubled by the apparent inability of many churches to speak to culture

Then A Faith in Dialogue may just be a book you will enjoy. And hey – it’s free. So how can you go wrong with that?

I hope you will all enjoy it. Please feel free to leave interactions with the posts in comments below this post. I would also appreciate editorial feedback. I may someday publish this section – and subsequent sections – of my blog. So If you find typos, or have some ideas about how this book could be better, please don’t hesitate to comment or private message me!

Thank you all so much, and please enjoy!

read here

(to download, right-click on the link and select “save as.” Compatible with Kindle/Kobo readers)


  1. Now that Iam almost 91,i am more and more understanding where the real problem lies.God is the Creator.He created us,we are here because of hm.He is the source of LOVE and LIFE.The first man and woman were told that only in total obedience to God they would continue to being connected with God,who created them.They were inside the LOVE of the Father ,Son,and Holy Spirit.And the submission love was the channel (Agape)or them there was the choice to use that channel or place themselves as the source of life.They chose self and the source of love and life was broken.Death came for them and all their descendents in every area of human existence.The goal of satan is to destroy all that God has created and creates.Light versus darkness.
    But in God’s victorious Love in Jesus Christ ,the Son of God in the trinity, the broken relationship was restored.(Everytime I speak of this or write,it fills my soul with deepest joy and joyful submission to God ,who created me !)And that is the heart of the matter…in Adam and Eve,we are born wth the deadly desire of “self-actualization”
    and believing the lie of Satan that we can without the risk of dying..As a matter of fact,we even believed the statement of satan that we will be as God !
    What is the answer to all this misery ?TOTAL submission to God and God’s word in which he reveals His Love and for us the way to go.,
    Inspired by the Holy Spirit(Who will teach and explain,if you ask Him)
    God’s total LOVE (and that counts for the whole Trinity)demands the inevtable result of death and hell when there is disobedience in refusing to submit.One devious sin is the changing of God’s Wrd into a palatable human concoction for easier consumption as some movies and writers and preachers do !!
    To sum it up:
    For all God’s created beings ,the human race, it is total submissin and Life in His Love or selfactulization and and death and hell !

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