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Without God, Might Makes Right

In a world without God, might makes right
One. Without God, there is no objective (that is, fixed and unmoving, based on absolute truth, based on absolute objectivity and perfect vision) basis for morality
Two. Every people and people group has their own ethical perspective.
Three. They will then inevitably vie against one another for predominance, or else come into conflict over resources or ethical decisions.
Four. Without objectivity, it’s impossible to determine the value of one prospective versus another based on “rightness” or “wrongness,” since there is no transcendent judge, and no absolute truth. (If people argue about absolute truth, and right and wrong without God, it is because they have not yet fully come to realize the implications of their beliefs. And this, for them, is a very good thing. But it is philosophically inconsistent.)
Five. In such a situation, the only criteria for determining which perspective is better than another is the power of those who hold the perspective.
Therefore, might makes right.
There is more than one type of power. There is political power, social power, power of arms, financial power, economic power, power of personality, power of beauty, and quite a few more that could be named.
Without God, these powers become the means of controlling reality, and of making one’s perspective “right.”
In a world without God, “might makes right” is true on several levels.
Pragmatically: a contest of perspectives is always settled with who has the most might on their side. Thus, might makes right because it wins.
Humanly speaking, might makes right because nobody wants to be on the losing team. With enough might levelled against it, any perspective is doomed to fail. At least, it will be doomed to lose its children. If you can think of a perspective that has survived much power being thrust against it, it is because they have another sort of power strong within them. But a perspective with no power, which comes in conflict with the perspective with much power (remembering we are talking about social, financial, political, personality, etc.) will always buckle.  To put it crudely, you can buy the truth if there is no God. Therefore, humanly speaking, it is usually the case that might makes right, because the strong perspective will inevitably triumph over the weaker ones and obliterate them.
Democratically: in a world without God, the greatest single source of power, for determining what truth is human numbers. If an exponentially smaller group challenges of larger group, all things being equal, the larger group will de facto be correct. Do not be confused by the power of minorities in our society. It is a minority of the population who are homosexual, for example. However, the vast majority of the population is in favor of homosexuality. Therefore, the true minority here, in Western society, are those who do not approve of homosexuality as a legitimate and ethical expression of human sexuality.
Relatively: and this is as close as we can get to absolute truth, without God. If all the power holders agree, and the majority of the population agrees, then the thing must actually be true. Not just in one person’s perspective, but in everyone’s perspective. Because if there is no God, the only reality we have is the one that we create for ourselves. Therefore, if there is no God, we can leverage power to convince not just a handful, but huge majority of the whole world to believe as we do. We can overpower any other notions of reality. We can gather more and more to our side. We can blot out of existence in a perspective contrary to ours. And we can really create a new perspective. A new reality. A new worldview. A new universe, with us as the masters of it. And then we shall be Gods.
And so you see that we are back in the garden again, and that every rejection of God ultimately becomes a declaration of self as God, and a suicidal alliance with Satan against the maker of us all.

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