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But I Want to Play With Barbie (A Poem)

But I want to play with barbie
She with softer vision gleamed
But I knew one step the better,
Knew that Ken was now a dream

So be strong, I told and told her
For no man will watch your back
Be a man, and woman also,
So with both to fill his lack


And then enter in I bid her
To the war of hearts and knaves
For a shield a condom gave her
And I bid her, “Do be safe!”


It is all so normal ever,
All this tearing that ensued
And I know the price is worth it
For the freedom that we have proved


For society rolls onwards,
And a few must fall beneath
And her tears will light the torches
And enlightenment  bequeath


Now my daughter is a mother,
Not a bride, a warrior king
And her daughter is a treasure
Won without a wedding ring


And her father is a fantom
Fading through the autumn cracks
Drowning alcohol with women
Run to never coming back


And their daughter so they tell me
Wants to play with barbie too
But I know my sonly daughter
Knows exactly what to do.


  1. Incredibly Sad but often true in today’s society. Even more sad is how much younger children are losing their innocence these days.
    It breaks my heart to see fatherless children and also children born out of situations that are far from ideal.

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