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Thank You (New Original Song)

This past weekend, God surprised me by blessing me to write a song. Although I was very into song-writing in my late teens, I haven’t written anything in over six years. Words cannot really express how excited I am to have written another song! I hope it’s the firstborn among many brethren – but only God knows His elect. If you like it, pray for God to send more inspiration my way!

I hope to have a good recording of the song soon. However, as these things go a decent recording will probably take some time. Recording a live performance tends to shine a spotlight on all of the mistakes and imperfections of the performance – especially in the voice. I am tempted to offer some excuses or explanations – but since you all are mostly following my blog because of your interest in theology, I hope you will enjoy reading along with the words and spirit of the song, and be able to look past my quavering voice!

Beyond that, I will not say anything else to introduce my song because I give a three-minute introduction in the recording itself.

I truly hope you enjoy!

ps – to download an .mp3 of this song, go to and follow the instructions.

Thank You

Verse one:
In spring of day, the flowers bloom.
The cold is gone, and death makes room
For another day, another way to say thank you.
Thank You for the hope that You give
Thank You that Your Son has conquered sin
That though the darkness fall, and death be strong, Your love will blossom through.
Breaking in to another day to say thank you.
In summer rush, we had no fear
We drank your love, and you brought us near to another time, another day to say thank you
Though were your enemies, you have drawn us near.
Our punishment was poured out on Him.
Through year blessed Son, You have overcome.
From broken stones, and mended hearts, we cry thank you.
In Autumn leaves our back is strong,
We work the ground and pray for the dawn of a healing rain,
And one more soul to say thank you.
In fading years the winter blows, our strength is less,
But the burning grows for another time,
Another place to sing thank you.


  1. Before I started watching the video, I read the lyrics and found them fitting for this time of year, when we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord. Thank you for sharing this gift with us. 🙂

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