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A Conversational Exposé of the Façade of “Progressive” Christianity

The façade of progressive “Christianity”

Look, I am a Christian too. I just don’t take the Bible quite so literally on topics like hell or homosexuality (And gender and a few others.)

So you’re saying you know better than God on these topics?
No, I’m not saying that. You’re the one who thinks you can read God’s mind.
I’m not reading God’s mind. I’m reading his book. It says sinners go to hell. It says homosexuality is a sin. But you know better? Where is your authority?
Look, That book was written a very long time ago. It has a lot of wisdom in! But science has made a lot of progress since then. As a race, as a society we have evolved…
So our society knows better than God?
No, our society knows better than the society that wrote the Bible.
So now you are saying you don’t believe in God?
What are you talking about? I just said I believe in God!
I’m talking about the Christian God. Jesus, the spirit and the father. The Trinity. God.
Yes, I believe in God. I am a Christian!
But this God is only revealed in Scripture. If scriptures are just the imaginations of ancient primitive people, then this God of Christianity is just a myth. If the Bible is made up, then the God it describes is also made up. You cannot have your cake and eat it too! If scriptures are accurate in describing Jesus and God, then aren’t they accurate in describing the commands of God?
The Bible was written by people, and by God. It was a team effort! Jesus was part God part human. Scriptures are part divine part human. And as we both know, “to err is human.”
And who decides which parts are human and which parts are divine? You? Or Society? Either way, the ultimate authority is not with God is it? With a pair of scissors, I could write a post card or piece of poetry from Karl Marx, the newspaper or a Harlequin romance. It makes no difference what the source is – if I’m the one who chooses, I am the one who is the authority. But if we are able to cut-and-paste scriptures like that, it’s clear that God does not speak. The voice of men – either the authors, or the readers – is all we  hear. God neither exists nor speaks in that case. Both his command and descriptions are the fabrications of men.
Look, I’m a Christian too okay? I believe in God! I’m a Christian. What more do you ask?
Yes, you claim to be a Christ follower. But you ignore his words, and try to import your own. Jesus spoke of people like you. He said “why do you call me Lord Lord, and do not do the things that I say?” (Lk 6:46)
I am not disagreeing with Jesus. I’m disagreeing with your interpretation of Jesus. I’m disagreeing with you, not with God!
So now you are saying that God exists, but he cannot speak for himself?
No, God speaks. But all this theology – and arrogant people like you! – have muddled it all up so much that we cannot understand his words anymore.
I’m not talking about high and complicated theology here. I’m talking about reading the plane words of Scripture. Read Romans one if you want to know whether or not god says homosexuality is a sin. Read revelations 21 and 22 if you want to know if God believes in a literal hell.
Yes, but that is just part of the picture! Eternal conscious torment of the soul is an idea borrowed from the Greeks…
Now who is appealing to theology? And are we back to saying that scriptures are written by people, and that the God revealed in the Bible only exists in our imaginations?
Look man – I am done with this conversation. And I’m done with you.
That’s not very surprising. You showed from the outset that you are done with God. You’re not interested in hearing his word. You’re not interested in obeying him. You are not interested in learning from him. You’re only interested in calling yourself a Christian because your parents are, and it is culturally advantageous to be so.
You are not a Christian – a “Christ follower.” If you were, you would submit to God and follow — or at least try!
But as it is, you are demanding that Jesus submit to you! You think it is a new and exciting thing to be “progressive,” but are you aware that even in Scriptures we are warns to “not exceed things which are written”? (1 Cor. 4:6)
Before you leave, one question: Exactly who do you think you are, that God almighty should change his words, or have his words ignored or removed – or his entire existence called into question – if his ideas do not conform to your ideas, mors or principles?
Tell me plainly: Just who do you think that you are?

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