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Follow Me On Twitter! (Where I am more active these days)

This has been a very busy season for me, and the craziness may increase as I begin language studies in the new year.

I have still been writing just as much, but all my thoughts have been going into my private journal, and I have not had that crucial late-night blogging time needed to polish posts to being blog-ready. Perhaps those drafts will emerge someday in a sermon, post or book.

Because of the season I’m in, I have been putting a lot more energy into Twitter. It fits my lifestyle better, and I have found it to be a fun sort of challenge to fit big thoughts into that tiny space.

So if you already twitter, and read this blog, I would humbly recommend that you follow me. If you don’t twitter, perhaps I am worth a subscription? Perhaps not. But at any rate, I added my twitter feed to this site, so you can see my latest « tweets » on the right. I usually tweet about five or six times in a week, so if you log in once a week you can see all my latest posts there.

I hope you enjoy this new venue, and thank you all for your patience in this « dry » season of writing!

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