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Question: Why Did Jesus Work on the Sabbath?

I have to admit, if Jesus were here I would be with the Pharisees. The problem is that the question of Jesus’ presence was just too simply answered:
  1. The Bible says that we are not to work on the Sabbath.
  2. Jesus is working on the Sabbath
  3. Therefore, Jesus is not living according to Scriptures
  1. Jesus says he is the messiah, or a great prophet
  2. All great prophets obeyed the Scriptures
  3. Jesus does not obey the scriptures (see above)
  4. Therefore, Jesus cannot be from God
  1. Jesus does great miracles
  2. Power for miracles comes either from God or from Satan
  3. Jesus’ power cannot come from God because He does not live according to Scriptures
  4. Therefore, Jesus must be empowered by Satan
All of this logic hinges on the breaking of the Sabbath. Why did Jesus do that? And what rule does He mean to hand down to us?
Surely we are not to (as many do) take from this that Scriptures give us no real commandments? That we can make up the rules as we go, in every situation “listening to the Spirit” and doing what we think is right with no concrete guidelines?
But what is the answer to the riddle? Only that Jesus was removing the Sabbath regulation for His disciples? Surely there must be more of a point than this.
What is the answer to the riddle? What did you mean by working on the Sabbath, Lord?
About this post: You will notice that I come to no definite conclusion in this post. I am not here trying to make a statement that it is unanswerable, but only that this is a question I am pondering right now. I would invite you to write the answer, or link to the answer, or discuss the question below. If God reveals a good answer to the question to me in the future, I will write a subsequent post and link back to this one.
I may start posting more such questions, because in reality this is how my mind works. I ask a question of God, and then the question is “there” in my mind for months or several years. When I find an answer, I am ecstatic because the search has been long. It may be interesting to put more of the questions I am currently pondering on my blog, to give context to my excited findings later. Please let me know what you think!

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