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An Outsider’s Opinion on American Politics

An outsider’s opinion on American politics

With the debates underway, and the election looming, everybody is talking about the American election. I thought I would throw in my two cents.
I think the real problem with American politics is not Obama, and not Romney, and not George Bush, or even Bill Clinton.
I think the real problem is the political Civil War which is going on.
The two sides have become increasingly hostile to one another in the last 10 years. Social and religious issues have been used to obscure the true financial/political/economic issues, so that is impossible to talk reasonably anymore.
As a result, trillions of dollars are wasted as America zigzags back-and-forth between hyper Democratic and hyper Republican leadership.
We have something similar in Canada. One government put in a costly measure to register rifles. However, the current administration is working to abolish the gun registry. Now, I am against the gun registry. But on the other hand, I am more against a government which flips back and forth between administrations, and wastes countless dollars on not finishing what they start.
It was expensive to put it in place. But at least once it was in place, the government has a viable program. But if the second government removes it, then all that money has been for absolutely nothing.
The same sorts of things are happening in American politics. How much has been spent on Obamacare? If the Republicans win, all of that will be a dead loss. If Romney wins, what expensive reforms what he put in place, concerning energy  independence and tax cuts? If the trend holds, a Democrat will come into office next (probably a hyper Democrats, in keeping with the trend of ever increasing pendulum swings) and all of these reforms will be for nothing.
If there is a way to stop the crazy, and expensive pendulum swings between hyper Republican and hyper Democrat, it will probably be through respect. When we can recognize that both candidates are good people, trying their best to better their nation through differing philosophies, we will do a better job of encouraging Democrats and Republicans to work together. The political Civil War is the real enemy of America, and the world, not one candidate or the other.

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