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Conviction or Condemnation?

It’s a familiar scenario. You’ve done something bad, and you feel guilty. Then you remember that you meant to accomplish something the other day, but forgot. Then you started thinking about that embarrassing thing you said at the grocery store. Suddenly all the failures in your life start to swarm about your head like accusing demons, and that familiar black cloud descends over you. Sinking to the ground, the tears begin to fall like an accusing rain and the shackles of depression clinch around your soul and pull you down to the darkness.

In this sermon, which preached at Calvary Baptist Church in Balmertown last sunday (Sept. 30, 2012), I examine how to escape from depression through a Biblical view of guilt.

You can also listen here.

Whether you listen or watch, you will greatly benefit from also downloading this handout, which outlines some clear steps for identifying condemnation and pulling yourself out of a depression, by the grace available through Jesus Christ.

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