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The Critical Problem of our Day

The critical problem of our day is not any crisis on earth, but a crisis in Heaven. God is a God who is jealous of His holiness – but our society is one which delights to defile the holy. From sex to family to adulthood to church to nature to the very name of God, we have defiled every holy thing which a righteous God has given to us. We do not even blink when someone takes the Lord’s name in vain – it is acceptable speech in a PG movie, and we have conveniently shortened it to three letters, so we can mock God without over-working our thumbs. The crucial problem of our day is not that we eat to much, fight too much, believe in ourselves too little, or even that we love too little. Rather, the problem is that we are engaged every day, and almost every moment in a suicidal war against the holiness of God. Woe to us – we are a people of unclean lips! And sooner or later, each one of us will appear before the Holy God of Heaven. The sin of man, and the anger of God against our sins, is THE problem, the crucial and essential problem which Jesus came to save us from. It is the problem of humankind, and it is the critical problem of our day, whether we see it and recognize it or not…

For more on this topic, see my recent sermon: “Taking God Seriously” in my sermons podcast.

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How Fearing God Changes Everything


  1. Good word. I just taught a lesson on the Beatitudes which I like to subtitle The Pathway to Holiness. Jesus taught us clearly how to be disciples, but we turn away. God clearly said, “I am holy, be thou holy,” but we take these words as suggestions rather than commands. We fail to see the poverty of our own spirits because of pride, we fail to be peacemakers because we have yet to make peace with our Maker. God help us.

  2. God help us indeed. But that is the problem, isn’t it? It is clear that God wants to help us, and HAS helped us in Christ – but what have we been saved from? Many believe that we have been saved from ourselves, and this is true to a point. But we have also been saved from the wrath of a Holy God. When we miss this, we miss the most important thing, and our theology cannot hope to stand the test of time, or even the test of reading Scriptures all the way through.

    Thank you for the comment – pleased to make your acquaintance!

  3. Wow. Convicting. “our society is one which delights to defile the holy”. I agree and I am guilty.
    Also, read a quote today that basically said we are too worried with offending those around us when we should be more concerned with offending God. Do we live righteous, holy lives for Him each day?

    • Thank you for your comment, Samantha. WordPress needs a “like” button for comments! 🙂

      Above the sinfulness of society, and our own hearts, I have lately found it so disturbing that we LIKE defiling holiness, more than holiness. When someone speaks pure, undefiled holiness and truth, that is laughed at, ignored, yawned at. When someone cracks a joke that twists the meaning and defiles that holiness – then everyone is suddenly awake, and laughing along!

      We truly are a people of unclean lips. God have mercy on us!

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