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A Sermon on the Atonement

Last week I preached a sermon on the atonement, entitled Propitiation: How the Love of God Shelters us from the Wrath of God. For online publishing, I called this sermon, Propitiation vs. Non-Violent Atonement. This sermon refreneces Mark Driscoll’s book, Death By Love which explains the 12+ aspects of the atonement. For example, Christ’s death expiates (removes) our sins from us. It imputes (credits) Christ’s righteousness to us, and Christ’s Victorydemolishes the power of Satan over us.

After skimming over the aspects, I dug deep into Propitiation, which is the concept of how the sacrifice of Jesus Christ shelters us from the wrath of God.

I finished by showing briefly how this sermon relates to current debates about the atonement. Specifically, Brad Jursak’s book, Stricken By God: Nonviolent Identification and the Victory of Christ.

Because people have been talking about this book, it was in my mind to read it thoroughly and do a full review of it – either in a sermon or on my blog. However, I just haven’t had the time to do so. Also, it seemed like teaching positively on what I do believe was a more helpful way to approach the topic than looking specifically at where Jersak errs. I emphasize that I do not have anything against Jersak as an author – I don’t think he’s a heretic or anything like that. However, he has published a book, contributing his thoughts to the marketplace of ideas. It is not an insult, but a great complement to critique another author’s work.

I hope you’ll enjoy this sermon, and grow in your understanding through it.

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You may also download the following two charts, for a visual aid to the audio portion. Thank you!


Atonement Chart



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