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Must We Run?

Must we, must we, run and run?

From books, the world, the schools, our sons?

Must we run?

Do we fear – what do we fear?
Books? Ideas? Laughter? Beer?
Do we fear? Yes, oh yes we fear!

And is it fear that grips our chest,
Not faith, not love, or mind well-kept…
…but fear?!

I may fail, and you may fail.
We may die, a morbid crushing sleep,
Smothered lifeless in the Library
No God to save from Nietzsche, Hume, and Kant.

We may fail.

And fail is fear. And so we flee.

But flee from where?
And flee to where?

From TV, radio, book, school, friend, neighbor, society, event?
To steeple, Bible, Brethren, safe book, safe radio, safe entertainment?

When do we stop running?
How do we teach our children to run?
From what?
To where?
And where to stop.
Can they stop?
Will they run?

Whence cometh fear? Whither leadeth it?
And what verily is thine fruit?

Do we dare – yes, could we dare?
I will dare you if you dare me
And together we will dare

To face the machine, shiny and tall
To weave the staircase, slippery, small
To read and yawn and fight and peak
To learn and earn the right to speak

And from that height we shall not fear
But yell to all to unstop ears!

The truth, the truth, the truth we cry
The truth, the truth, we search we pry,
The truth, the truth, the truth we see
The truth, the truth, will set us free.

Dream, oh dream oh dream the day
May come and live and breathe again

Not in the church, not in the street,
Not in a corner still, discreet

But in the world the truth proclaim
And in the schools, Your truth remain.

Could this, would this dream be mine?
Could I, would I find the time?

Is it worth it?
Do You love it?
Would it serve You, Lord?

I dream, I dream, I dream the day
When hordes of saints will rise to say,

“Our God we serve, with Heart and Mind,”
who leave all things absurd behind,

And who will never, ever run
From thoughts, ideas, book or gun.

But suffer through it all the way,
And boldly stand, to think and pray
And boldly stand, and think, and pray
To boldly stand.
And think.
And pray.

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