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How God Called Me to Missions

My wife and I have decided that it is time to “go public” with the news that we are preparing to go overseas with SIM to teach on the mission field (see here). We will be going to French Africa, so we will do a year of language studies first. I will likely be teaching in an established college or seminary, and we are hoping to get to the mission field as soon as 2014. We do not know how long God wants us to stay in Africa, but our first term will be 3 years.


For some, this news may come as a bit of a shock. But actually as we look back over out lives, we see that God has been leading us up to this moment all along.

I remember distinctly the moment as a young child (perhaps nine or ten) when God called me to give my life to Him as a missionary. I genuinely struggled with His call. What about the snakes and spiders? What if I got sick? Finally I decided that if God was strong enough to make the snakes and spiders, He would be able to take care of me.

Over the years since then, my desire to serve God full-time has not diminished – however, I began to doubt that early call. Perhaps I was too young and eager. Was I too influenced by the missionary stories I was reading? Perhaps pastoring in Canada would be more up my alley.

About the time I got married at 21, my vision began to focus. I began seeing my gifting as a teacher, and I decided that I would pursue academics, then teach at a Bible School or seminary somewhere. That seemed to clinch it – I would not be a missionary, but a Bible-school teacher.

This past spring, however, as I was in the process of finishing my second-last seminary class, I got a life-changing phone call. My father-in-law wanted me to talk to a missionary friend of his. This friend was actively recruiting seminary grads – preferably with Masters-level or even Doctorates – to serve with his mission. The need? To staff the hundreds of new Bible-schools and seminaries popping up across Africa. At the end of that phone-call I thanked him for his time and said that he had changed my life. In that conversation my early, almost-forgotten call clicked in an instant with my current gifts and desires, and I knew then what direction my life was to take.

Although we did not end of deciding to serve with that particular mission, we have been in discussions with another mission – Serving in Mission, or SIM.

My wife and I have decided to launch a family missions blog called Meyers on Mission. We will keep you updated on the progress of our application, fund-raising, language-learning, and eventually our moving and teaching in this new, exciting work!

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