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Why I am a Pacifist (Mat. 5:38-48)

Despite the bold title, this sermon actually has a rather tame ambition. I have no illusions – or even intentions! – of converting anyone in this sermon. I am also not attempting to lay out an entire theology of pacifism, or to answer everyone’s questions on the issue. (For that, see Bruxy Cavey’s series, « Inglorious Pastors« ).

As a non-Mennonite, who has come to this position on my own, I frequently meet people who not only disagree with pacifism, but don’t even understand the idea of pacifism. They tend to regard it as a hokey superstitious, by nice but basically unintelligent and ill-informed people. A tiny straw-man, which can be toppled by a few verses or logical arguments.

This sermon is for such friends and fellow Christians.

I hope that as you listen to this, you will not get the impression that as a pacifist, I have all the answers – I don’t! But this sermon may sensitize you to the ways in which Christian pacifism differs from Secular Pacifism, how we come to our beliefs, and why Christian pacifism demands your respect as a valid interpretation of the words of Jesus. Even if you yourself cannot adopt pacifism, I hope this sermon will bring us closer to loving and appreciating one another as we both try to follow and obey our Lord, Master, Saviour and Friend, Jesus Christ!



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