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Reformed and Mennonite

Menno Simons

John Calvin

Well, after nearly a year of waiting it is finally here. I have taken the time to formulate my thoughts on where I stand denominationally.

As the title suggests, I draw from what I see are the greatest and strongest rivers of Christianity today – the Reformed Church and the Mennonite Church.

It would have been ideal to write my thoughts out in a pristine and well-edited post: but alas, time is never on my side. Rather, I have recorded the following podcats to describe my current position, and how I arrived here.

Reformed and Mennonite: My History

An introduction to the idea of Reformed & Mennonite, as well as a description of how the threads of these two mighty traditions have woven in and out of my life to make me the person I am today.

What the Reformed Can Learn From the Mennonites

A critique of the Reformed Church, and a review of the strengths of the Anabaptists dwelling especially on pacifism, simplicity of life, two-kingdom theology, and the Sermon on the Mount.

What the Mennonites can Learn from the Reformed

A critique of the Anabaptists, and a review of the strengths of the Reformed church. I conclude with an impassioned plea for the Anabaptist church to seek guidance from the Reformed in these troubled days, to find much-needed ammunition for theological and ideological wars their history has left them almost completely unequipped to face.

As always, I encourage you to go to my podcast site, scroll down and subscribe to my podcast in iTunes, since I do not advertise every single podcast I publish over here on my blog. To stay up to date, get it in your iTunes and on your iPod!

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