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Church History in 20 Minutes!

As you know, I have been spending less time (almost no time) blogging, and much more time podcasting. Uploading my content has been an additional challenge, but due to a cranky kid waking me up at 2:00 AM, I have a little time to get this up and ready for your edification and enjoyment!

My intention for this series was to teach all of church history (up to about 1700) in 20 minutes. I divided church history into four basic categories: the Eastern Orthodox, the Catholic, the Magisterial Reformation (Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican), and the Anabaptists, or Mennonites.

I had to try several times to get my material down to the time allotted. I finally got it trimmed down – but I had to leave a lot of things out. If you are in a hurry, listen to the five-minute versions. If you have a bit more time, and are interested, I would recommend the slightly longer versions as I was able to take more time and include some really important information.

(Longer Versions)

15) Eastern Orthodoxy in 9 Minutes

16) Catholicism in 12 Minutes

17) The Reformation in 20 Minutes

18) Anabaptism in 10 Minutes

(Shorter Versions)

19) Eastern Orthodoxy in 5 Minutes

20) Catholicism in 5 Minutes

21) The Reformation in 5 Minutes

22) Anabaptism in 5 Minutes


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