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Postponing Further Inerrancy Posts

If I really caught your attention with my two posts so far on inerrancy, and you are just dying to read the next ones, I apologize. They will not be coming out for a while. Although they are mostly written, they still require some editing, and the concluding posts have not yet been written. A few days ago when I decided to start posting on this topic, I thought I would be able to do my current studies and focus on this topic. However, I am falling behind my self-imposed goals in my Greek independent study, and so I have decided to « cast off everything that hinders » – as usual, that includes blogging.

In just two short weeks, I will be back home in Red Lake, and life will return to « normal. » This is probably when I should have raised this topic: it will be when I will postpone further posts on this topic until. Then I will have time to do the topic justice.

So, a short farewell for now. I’ll post the next article in the series on July 1.

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